Generated patterns

Julie Dítětová & Aleš Hnátek:
Programing patterns
Fashion collection (2023)

The project Programming Patterns was created as a result of a commission to create a website functioning as an archive of digitized 18th-century fabrics from the Brno archdiocese. Julie then decided to elevate the archive by using machine learning technology (GAN), thereby repositioning it in the contemporary world. Before generating new images, it was necessary to create as large a dataset as possible, from photographs of archived fabrics, which Julie did by hand with each pattern separately. Julie was keen to further discover how the principles of this particular technology, can be applied to historical material of an arts and crafts nature.

Julie perceives the developmental shift, that accompanies the project, as a logical consequence of technological advances that hold precedents in the past. Historic fabrics were costly due to their high quality and handmade nature. Society later responded to this with the invention of the jacquard machine, making fabrics available to people at the cost of automated machine production, resulting in lower quality. Thanks to the digitalization and digital reproduction of textiles through machine learning, the opportunities for their use are multiplying and at the same time, moving in a completely different direction.

Julie and the fashion designer Aleš Hnátek explore one of the possible directions, namely the application of virtual textiles into physical fashion creation. Aleš's contribution to this project consists of the processing of digital textiles, which he thereby returns to the physical world. The generated patterns are integrated into Aleš's garment designs through knitting and machine weaving. This results in a stimulating intertwining of new technologies with traditional handwork and elements of clothing design.

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Julie Dítětová
Aleš Hnátek

Faculty of Textile Engineering TU Liberec, doc. Ing. Brigita Kolčavová Sirková, Ph.D.

Knit-tex CS, Mikuláš Brukner

Veronika Soukupová (Text)
Adéla Zlámalová (Photography)
Andrej Kučera (Tech support)